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Jammin’ at The Center Presents: Jesse Jones, Jr.

“J” is for JAZZ in South Florida and Jesse Jones, Jr. is here to prove it. The Jesse Jones Jr. Quartet puts on a show audiences remember for a long time.

In addition to working with his own quarter, Jesse gigs with other performers and other bands as a freelancer.

His ability to captivate the audience with the classics, and adapt them to his own swinging interpretations, is legendary. He combines the hard-bop influence of Cannonball Adderley, the funk of Hank Crawford, and the sweetness of Paul Desmond Their influences may be detected within Jesse’s riffs. Add to that some of the most unusual “scat” jazz singing when Jesse sings straight or through his horns, and the jazz audiences go wild.

Tickets are $25 and include two free beverages and free parking. You can find tickets here:

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