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Restorative Yoga Class

Wellness Program Restorative Yoga

Gentle Yin-restore and stretching yoga allow you to drop deep into the meditative aspects while loosening tight muscles and joints. We will utilize gravity to help hold postures, for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. There are no standing positions. For in-studio classes, we will supply mats, blocks, bolster, and straps. Feel free to bring your own.
Just bring a towel and plenty of water or a sports drink to stay hydrated in the studio.

Classes are free and donations to the instructor will be accepted at the event, but are not required.

Classes are offered on the second Tuesday of the month.

Your name and email will be shared with the instructor.

Instructor bio: Larry DiPietro is a 200hr registered yoga trainer and has been teaching virtually and in person since January 2021. His love for yoga began in 1992 when classes were offered by his local AIDS service organization. He began practicing hot yoga in 2003. Upon retiring to South Florida he continued his practice on the recommendation of his Physical Therapist who was treating him for diabetes-related muscle loss. From late 2018 through the arrival of Covid he practiced hot yoga almost daily. During the time when studios were closed, he earned his online certification from the Kaivalya School. In early 2022 he taught restorative hot yoga for Yoga Joint. In late 2022 he ventured into a partnership in a small boutique studio on Oakland Park Blvd.

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