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The Pride Center at Equality Park will have a “soft”/partial opening to provide some refuge to our community beginning tomorrow, Thursday, September 14.

We want to provide you a safe space to charge your phone, escape from the heat and meet with groups that provide vital social support during this time.
Please be aware that while we now have power, we have no telephone or internet and only partial A/C. We lost several A/C units from the roofs during the storm. We have leaks and damage throughout campus. Most of our staff do not have power. 
A small band of sweaty staff are working diligently to prep our campus to reopen safely. We’ve been soaking up water from leaks, clearing debris, fixing elevators and working on repairs. 
Bottom line: Please be patient and gracious with each other, staff and volunteers tomorrow. Everyone’s working tirelessly, and we’ll still only be at partial speed. 
We cannot resume HIV or Hep C testing until we receive clearance from The Florida Department of Health, with whom we remain in contact. 
Individual tenants and groups will be making decisions about when they will resume full service and meeting. Please be in touch with those coordinators to learn more. 
Please note: we are not a distribution site for food and water. We do have restrooms, drinking fountains and hugs. 
In addition, The Center has worked over the past couple days with The United Way to get set up as the collection site for individual donations for Broward County relief efforts. We’ve worked with our tenant to free up and utilize our warehouse at the back of campus. The United Way will be sending out a press release shortly with complete details about individual donations starting tomorrow.
We remain in regular communication and coordination with The City of Wilton Manors. 
We will continue to monitor our ability to provide services and will communicate updates before the weekend. 
Please visit our Facebook page for updates and campus photos!

The Pride Center Facebook Page

Please pass along and share this message with all you can! Many of our clients, volunteers, visitors and group members don’t have access to power and internet.
Please clickconsider donating to The Center to help us repair and recover!

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Most importantly, please continue to assist your neighbors, friends and loved ones as you’re able. Demonstrations of support, assistance and love are needed by so many right now. Thank you!

Hurricane Irma Resources

Please note this is a partial list and does not include all agencies.
Last updated September 14, 2017.

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