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The construction fencing started going up this morning. We will have access to the front parking for a limited number of days until this gate will only be used by JAXI construction. Temporary fencing is also going up along the campus that will be moved around as they start the trenching process for the storm water system modifications. This will affect many of the parking spots that you may be used to using. This trenching process will take 4 – 6 weeks. After our weekly meeting tomorrow morning I will forward along any news to you. The South entrance to the Schubert Building will be readied to be the temporary entrance into the front of the Schubert Building. A new walkway will be installed going directly South along the construction fencing. The pavers in the now closed ADA walkway from Dixie Highway to the Schubert Building will be re-purposed for the temporary entrance.

Robert Boo, CEO

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